Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crimson nectar of life

                                            Crimson nectar of life

The tuff of brunette hair in my hand
Provides resistance against my grasp,
I pull her head back towards the moon
To expose her naked bodice glistening from sweat,

My hands wander down her body,
Across her breasts and satin stomach,
The lower they travel the more nervous she becomes,
Even though her sex has already been violated by
Nature’s eyes it now knows my gaze,

Feeling resistance once again,
This time ignoring her weak attempts for control,
I yank back her head knowing it is now,
When I must sink my teeth into her soft sexy flesh
And feast upon her beauty.

As my giving fangs slid into place I know now
Why I craved this moment so many years ago.
The taste of virgin blood fills my mouth
And I know I have a mate.

On her short decent to the earth
I can hear a small weak whimper
Only until her light is extinguished
By the soft yet harsh soil below,
Although my heart was only half involved
I can feel the beauty of death consume her.

As the stillness cracks and erodes
By the chaos that follows the first raindrops,
The evil within rises up and consumes her.

Worshipped by my new mistress,
I become to love her newly found darkness.
I feel the life being sucked out of my body
Like the blood from my wrist
As she feeds for the first time,
On the crimson nectar of life.

                                  Jamez Steiner
                                  Feb 20th 1999
                                                 Revised April 1st 2008

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